Difficult Questions
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Difficult Questions: What Does Allegiance Get You?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the realities of allegiance to people and causes especially in heated times. #Allegiance #Protest #Causes

Difficult Questions: Do Protests Help?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the effects of protests on the people in them and the society surrounding them. #Protest #Riot #Society #Law #Crime #Freedom

Difficult Questions: Who Immigrates When?

Glen Dunzweiler analyzes what may really bother people about immigration and why it's such a controversial issue. #immigration

Difficult Questions: What If Friends Do Bad Things?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the realities of being affiliated with people who do bad things. #cancelculture #forgiveness #community

Difficult Questions: Is Barbie Feminist?

With the uproar about Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig getting snubbed at the Academy Awards, Glen Dunzweiler analyzes whether Barbie as an intellectual property is wort...

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