Difficult Questions
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Difficult Questions: Is Money Evil? (w/ Guest Vickie Helm)

Glen Dunzweiler and Vickie Helm talk about the morality of money (or lack thereof) and the traps it leads people into.#money #moralityVickie can be found at https://vi...

Difficult Questions: What Do We Teach The Kids?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the criticisms of formal education in The US. #Education #CriticalRaceTheory #Gender

Difficult Questions: Do We Need Heroes?

Glen Dunzweiler explores what heroes do for us and who they should be.

Difficult Questions: Do We NEED Evil?

Glen Dunzweiler explores our need for the concept of evil.

Difficult Questions: Are Men Jerks?

Glen Dunzweiler explores what makes men perceived jerks as far as women are concerned and what can be done about it.

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