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Difficult Questions: Is Barbie Feminist?

With the uproar about Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig getting snubbed at the Academy Awards, Glen Dunzweiler analyzes whether Barbie as an intellectual property is wort...

Difficult Questions: Why Dress Codes?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the ins and outs of what our dress means to who when and how. #Society #Dress #Convention

Difficult Questions: Can Holiday Wars Be Won?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the logistics, practicalities, and the humanity of the "The War on Christmas"and the non specific joy of "The Holiday Season". #WarOnChristmas...

Difficult Questions: What Do We Do With Rage And Pain?

Glen Dunzweiler explores what people will justify when they feel rage and pain and what a solution may be to ending cultural suffering. #Palestine #Israel #Culture #Hu...

Difficult Questions: When Do You Get Medical Privacy?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the societal impact of medical privacy - both on the person and the people around them. #MedicalPrivacy

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