Difficult Questions
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Difficult Questions: When Is Global Warming Real?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the meat behind the global warming arguments and what people are really willing to do about it. #GlobalWarming #Environment 

Difficult Questions: What's The Plan After Affirmative Action?

Glen Dunzweiler explores what the strategies for success might be now that Affirmative Action is no longer allowed. #AffirmativeAction #Success

Difficult Questions: Are Your Ideals Delusional?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the practicalities of the ideals we hold. #ideals

Difficult Questions: When Is Self Segregation Bad?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the conflict between the ideal of diversity and inclusion and the tendency of people to feel comfortable around people with similiar life view...

Difficult Questions: Are You HOT Enough?!

Glen Dunzweiler explores our obsession with beauty standards. #beauty #fitness

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