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Difficult Questions: What Does Allegiance Get You?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the realities of allegiance to people and causes especially in heated times. #Allegiance #Protest #Causes

Difficult Questions: Do Protests Help?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the effects of protests on the people in them and the society surrounding them. #Protest #Riot #Society #Law #Crime #Freedom

Difficult Questions: Who Immigrates When?

Glen Dunzweiler analyzes what may really bother people about immigration and why it's such a controversial issue. #immigration

Difficult Questions: What If Friends Do Bad Things?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the realities of being affiliated with people who do bad things. #cancelculture #forgiveness #community

Difficult Questions: Is Barbie Feminist?

With the uproar about Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig getting snubbed at the Academy Awards, Glen Dunzweiler analyzes whether Barbie as an intellectual property is wort...

Difficult Questions: Why Dress Codes?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the ins and outs of what our dress means to who when and how. #Society #Dress #Convention

Difficult Questions: Can Holiday Wars Be Won?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the logistics, practicalities, and the humanity of the "The War on Christmas"and the non specific joy of "The Holiday Season". #WarOnChristmas...

Difficult Questions: What Do We Do With Rage And Pain?

Glen Dunzweiler explores what people will justify when they feel rage and pain and what a solution may be to ending cultural suffering. #Palestine #Israel #Culture #Hu...

Difficult Questions: When Do You Get Medical Privacy?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the societal impact of medical privacy - both on the person and the people around them. #MedicalPrivacy

Difficult Questions: Equality and Equity for Who(m)?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the logistics of equity and equality. #Equity #Equality

Difficult Questions: When Is Global Warming Real?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the meat behind the global warming arguments and what people are really willing to do about it. #GlobalWarming #Environment 

Difficult Questions: What's The Plan After Affirmative Action?

Glen Dunzweiler explores what the strategies for success might be now that Affirmative Action is no longer allowed. #AffirmativeAction #Success

Difficult Questions: Are Your Ideals Delusional?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the practicalities of the ideals we hold. #ideals

Difficult Questions: When Is Self Segregation Bad?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the conflict between the ideal of diversity and inclusion and the tendency of people to feel comfortable around people with similiar life view...

Difficult Questions: Are You HOT Enough?!

Glen Dunzweiler explores our obsession with beauty standards. #beauty #fitness

Difficult Questions: Is Money Evil? (w/ Guest Vickie Helm)

Glen Dunzweiler and Vickie Helm talk about the morality of money (or lack thereof) and the traps it leads people into.#money #moralityVickie can be found at https://vi...

Difficult Questions: What Do We Teach The Kids?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the criticisms of formal education in The US. #Education #CriticalRaceTheory #Gender

Difficult Questions: Do We Need Heroes?

Glen Dunzweiler explores what heroes do for us and who they should be.

Difficult Questions: Do We NEED Evil?

Glen Dunzweiler explores our need for the concept of evil.

Difficult Questions: Are Men Jerks?

Glen Dunzweiler explores what makes men perceived jerks as far as women are concerned and what can be done about it.

Difficult Questions: How Can Minorities Be Racist?

Glen Dunzweiler tries to find a way to talk about minority on minority anger and disrespect. #Race #Sexuality #Queer #Racism #AntiSemitism ´┐╝ #LACityCouncil

Difficult Questions: How Do We Question Queer?

Glen Dunzweiler tries to find a way for the modern LGBTQ+ population and the conservative 'straight' population to communicate despite differing life views. #Gender #S...

Difficult Questions: What Are The Rules For Making Babies?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the rules set forth (or not set forth) by the people in the US for having and raising children.

Difficult Questions: What Is A 'Just' Revolution?

Glen Dunzweiler explores what makes a revolution 'just' in the eyes of the world and in history.

Difficult Questions: How Does Love And Marriage Work?

Glen Dunzweiler explores what it takes for love and marriage to work. He reflects on his own failed marriage and successful marriages of people he knows to come up wit...

Difficult Questions: Why Is Pornography In Our Lives?

Glen Dunzweiler explores why pornography is in our lives and how it has grown and changed since the advent of the ease of its creation and distribution.

Difficult Questions: What Are The Rules For Sex (Doing It and Being One)?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the unspoken rules in sexual relations and the unspoken expectations of each sex and why challenging those rules causes conflict. #sex #sexrul...

Difficult Questions: Suicide?

Glen Dunzweiler looks at the social agreement that suicide threatens and the way people react to and deal with the reality that some people want to end their own lives.

Difficult Questions: Should Words Have Power?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the negative power words have over us. #FreeSpeech #JoeRogan #WhoopiGoldberg #Comedy #IndiaArie #Racism

Difficult Questions: What Makes Someone An Expert?

Glen Dunzweiler explores the how we trust someone to be an expert and the pitfalls of the reality surrounding this.

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